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Posted by Robert
February 7, 2016

I recently hired Paul Stanko to represent me on my 4th felony conviction in 4 years i was going in front of judge Miller and had been turned down for the drug court program. If you dont know much about the legal system a 4th conviction in 4 years is almost gauranteed DOC time. In this day in age Criminal Law is all about Plea agreements, cases just never go to trial i mean they do but hardly ever. When it comes to plea agreements the deal your going to get is all about your attorney 90% of the time and its about who your attorney knows and how much they are respected. In the case of Paul Stanko he is a former Judge and Prosecuting Attorney so he is viewed with the utmost respect by the judge who is overseeing your case and the prosecutor who is working against you. They all know he has done their job and done it well so the battle is won already in my case i had an unwinnable situation but on sentencing day Mr. Stanko made an absolutely incredible argument on my behalf so much so that the judge was moved and gave me 18 months of probation. I owe Mr. Stanko alot, and if you are in a situation where you see no way out trust me, just call Paul. He will help you.

Great Attorney
5.0 stars

Posted by Sharon
October 16, 2015

I was just released from prison on attempted murder charges and 5 months later I was arrested for another class C felony, I just knew I was headed back to prison but Mr. Stanko beat the odds and I was given a class A misdemeanor and 1 year probation.. He is really good at what he do. If you are in a bind do not hesitate to call him.

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