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I nearly made a terrible mistake and tried to plead guilty at my first court date in Elkhart. Fortunately the magistrates don't accept guilty pleas at the first hearing. I had time to think things over and found Mr. Stanko. After the prosecutor offered probation we decided to do a straight guilty plea instead and ask for what is called a conditional discharge. That means that if I stayed out of trouble the case would be dismissed.Well long story short, that is what happened. I was able to keep my scholarship and student loans and just got my degree. Thanks you Mr. Stanko!

James H. - July 16, 2015

My review of South Bend criminal lawyer Paul S: My daughter got into trouble in South Bend, where she is a college student. My wife and I were concerned for many reasons: Our daughter is a student athlete, Dean's List, never in trouble before, and is provisionally accepted for an internship. Any kind of conviction would cause great damage to her future plans. Our family lawyer, here in California, could not represent our daughter in Indiana, so he researched to find the best criminal defense lawyer to represent our daughter in Indiana. He provided Mr. S's information to me, and then I did my own research of his reviews on AVVO, Yelp, and many other sites. He has 5 star reviews on Yelp, a perfect 10 rating on Avvo, and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, so I was comfortable contacting him to represent our daughter. We retained Mr. S after talking to him, and discussed our daughter's options. Mr. S was able to convince the prosecutor to offer our daughter Pretrial Diversion, which essentially means she will have no conviction on her record. He was prompt and effective in taking care of my daughter's case, and I recommend him very highly to anyone who needs a great criminal lawyer.
Michael H.- July 30, 2016